Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Wafer Butterfly Valves

Flanged Concentric Butterfly Valve With Narrow Body

Elastomer Seat Gate Valve

Metal Metal Seat Gate Valve

Gate Valve AWWA 500

Globe Valve

Canal Gate

Penstock Valve

Plug Valve


Knife Valve

Ball Valve

Trifunctional Air Valve 195

Float Level Control Valve 800

Electric Float Level Control Valve

Electric Float Control Valve

Float Level Control Valve

Differential Float Level Control Level

Differential Float Level Control Valve

Pressure Reducing Valve 800

Pressure Reducing Valve

Solenoid Controlled Valve

Swing Check Valve

Double Clapper Check Valve

Sewages Ball Retention Valve

Type Y Filter

Woltmann Water Meter

Annular Valve

Perforated Valve Sleeve

Multiturn Electric Actuator AUMA

Ductile Iron Pipe

Electric Actuator AVA

Electric Actuator AVAR

Electric Actuator AVAT

Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Chlorine Gas Ejector

Controller For Chlorination / Dosage

Wall Mounted Chlorine Gas Dossing

Pressure Booster Pump

Vacuum Regulator

Automatic Valve for Chlorine Gas Control

Scale for Chlorine Gas Container

Digital dosing pump

Ozone Generators

Ultraviolet light

Volumetric Dosing

Solvent Powders and Liquids

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump


Piston Metering Pumps

Liquid Chlorine Vaporizer

Vacuum Operated Chlorine Gas Dispenser

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Reflex Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter

Reflex Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter 220

Portable Flowmeter Model TR-100H

Fixed Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Area-Velocity Flowmeter

Portable Area-Velocity Flowmeter

Portable Well Meter

Level Pressure Transmitter PR3400

Residual Chlorine Analyzer

Analyzer Residual Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Oxidizers

Active Residual Chlorine Meter

Multifunctional Analyzer, Transmitter and Controller

Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

Dissolved Oxygen Monitor PH / ORP

Chemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer by means of Microwave

Total Coliform Analyzer

On Line Multifunctional and Multi-range Analyzer

Multifunctional Monitor for On Line Water Analysis

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Telemetry point to point multichannel

Synchronous Modem Ultraminiature

Cordless System for 4 – 20 mA Loops

Multichannel System for Telemetry and Remote Control via Radio

Cordless Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter GS4200

Pressure Transmitter

Datalogger with GSM Cellular Modem

Conductivity monitor

Pipeline & Drain Inspection System With DVR Feature

Acoustic Leak Detector

Correlation System Statistics

Pumps for water and liquids

Automatic Circular Grid

Chain Type Coarse Screen

Sand Classifier

Desander and Degreaser Bridge

Screw Compactor

Vertical Screw Compactor “TCV”

Sieve Screw Compactor “TTC”

Conveyor and Washer Screw

Grease Concentrator

Compact Pretreatment Plant CPTP

Vortex Type Desander

Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF

Settler Bridge / Circular Decanter

Floc Decanters in Pressure



Dosing System

Media Filter


Submersible Radial Aerator

Odor Biofilter

Sludge Thickener

Band Filter


Static Mixer

Manual Grid

Conveyors Screws