Canal Gate
Model: 1CC, 200×200 a 2000×2000 | Brand: Eathisa

In treatment plants is very common to have to guide the flow to different processes or stages, specially in the pre treatment zones where the waters are more agressive. This type of water contains solids and chemical elements in suspension that tend to damage the valves when they are not of good quality, producing serious damages and causing a decreasing of their useful life.

Regarding to its design, it has a metallic obturator that generates the closing (on its higher part has the NBR elastomer) and the seat is in the NBR elastomer on its lower part and laterals. Its stem, therefore is rotatory upward.
Its closing is produced by the own pressure that the power of the water gives it.
Its manufacturing is in galvanized steel and epoxy coated, together with the stainless steel frame, gives it a high chemical and physical stability against the sewage.
• It has three sealed elastomers of easily replacement, after the damage caused by the constant use. The elastomers are changed over remaining the valve in perfect conditions.
• The sealing is elastomeric over metal, therefore watertight.
• Long life since its stainless steel manufacturing.