Acoustic Leak Detector
Modelo: Aquascope | Marca Gutermann

Inevitably after performing a correlation, we locate and confirm the exact point of the leak to perform repair. The Aquascope constitute an invaluable tool when the exact location of the place of leakage water. Allows an extreme simplicity of operation, acoustically analyze the place where suspect a leak, allowing around in a small area, where they will be repaired.

• Extremely easy to use.
• Headphone high gain.
• Internal Low Noise Amplifier.
• Active accelerometric detector sensitivity maximum (10V / g).
• Adjustable digital filter on continuously.
• Apply the acoustic method for accurate leak location with the most sensitive equipment in its class.
• Avoid accidents to locate hidden cables.
• Avoid costly excavations.
• Have a great mobility, their small size and weight.

The acoustic detection system transforms the mechanical vibrations caused by leaking pipes, an acoustic signal can be analyzed by the operator using headphones. In this method the operator moves across the path of the underground pipe. So while the sound is stronger is indication that the leak is closer.