Swing Check Valve
Model: 500, DN 50 – 400; PN 10 – 16 | Brand: Eathisa

In the current check valves, it is common that, because of the usage of the support where the clapper shaft goes, it is produced a constant wear and a short useful life. On the other hand, as it is manufactured in gray casting and not in ductile, it is damaged as a result of the frequent clapper hammers against the body. In some cases the clapper can even be broken, reaching pieces of it to the pump blades and producing irreparable damages.

• Related to the design of our valve, its sealing system is completely watertight to be made though contact between the elastomer and the bronze seat that is fixed to the casting, giving a high mechanical work resistance to the valve.

• As it incorporates bronze bearings and stainless steel shafts, it is avoided the friction against the body, which extends the useful life of the valve.

• Its body is made in ductile casting, allowing to support a higher traction and flexibility, making it more resistant to clapper hammers.

Clean Water and Sewage.