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  • Farming Opportunity in Mozambique

    Eathisa bought 20 hectares previously abandoned in the Matutuíne district in Mozambique.

    Matutuíne is a district from the Maputo province south of Mozambique, limits with Maputo City in the north, the KwaZulu-Natal South African province in the sout, Swaziland in the west and Namaacha and Boane Northeast. In the East, it limits with the Indian Ocean.

    A pilot plan successfully began with a plantation of potatoes, for which tractors and other implements were bought, and Eathisa also sent someone with experience to work and supervise the process while also teaching the local people.

    The field yielded XX tons of potatoes in XX months, showing good conditions for a good plantation. With lots of land and good conditions, Matutuíne can become a great source of opportunities.