The development of an engineering project is a technical-type activity in which a process of finding a solution to a determined problem takes place. In this definition, the term problem does not only refers to a non-desired situation that needs to be solved, but it is broader and also, it is frequently about an investment initiative.

It is possible to distinguish three very clear phases or stages in this process. The first of them is that in which the problem is analyzed and looks for the best solution. Ultimately, it is the stage in which the solution is defined and it is denominated Conceptual Engineering.

The following stage is where that solution gets completely characterized. This means, the space physical requirements and the required services are defined, the equipment are measured and specified and a budget is determined. This stage is denominated Basic Engineering.

Finally, there is the stage of Details Engineering which is where the necessary technical documents are elaborated so that a third part, with the required knowledge, may construct and materialize the project.

Compatibility Analysis of Civil and Electromechanical Works Water Treatment Plant, Parana de las Palmas

Client: Ute Aguas del Parana
Delivery Date: April 2012
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study phase of the project
•Water treatment Plant with production capacity of 900,000 m3/day.
•Consulting of review of electrical, mechanical and automation project to detect interference with civil works project.
•Design of solutions to the problems encountered.
•Planning of works of Electromechanical Assembly.
•Supervision and quality control of manufacturing of control and signaling equipment.

Project under FAST TRACK mode

Engineering Phases:


  • Prefeasibility
  • Feasibility
  • Desing
  • Procurement
  • Construction & Installation
  • Pre-comissioning
  • Comissioning
  • Start-up
  • Operation Service
  • Maintenance Service
  • Transfer