Commissioning & Start Up


Commissioning and Start-up are both activities eminently technical that must be present at the end of the construction of the whole work. Strictly speaking, and depending on the size of the work, the commissioning may be preceded by an activity of pre-commissioning, but, fundamentally, they are checking stages, which are done after finishing the assemblies, and that allow minimizing the risks of failure before starting the operation of the project.

These services are also provided by Eathisa, and we have the strength of not only having the specialized technical personnel, but also the experience of having done works of assembly and a lot of knowledge in the different equipment of the projects in which we participate.

Potable Water Plant Potrerillos

Client: Codelco División Salvador
Delivery Date: May 2016
Location: El Salvador III Región, Chile

•As a totally compact and sturdy supply, the details and construction engineering of a potable water plant is included. Its technology includes automation and integration of multilayered filters and reverse osmosis processes.

•For a flow of 5 l/s the complete operation is under logic of automated control for both the Osmosis system and the measurement of the required parameters for the operation.

Engineering Phases:


  • Prefeasibility
  • Feasibility
  • Desing
  • Procurement
  • Construction & Installation
  • Pre-comissioning
  • Comissioning
  • Start-up
  • Operation Service
  • Maintenance Service
  • Transfer