EPC Rack 8” Osmosis System Muelle Centinela

Client: Minera Centinela
Delivery Date: December 2015
Location: Mejillones, Chile

•Details engineering development for supply and mounting of rack 8” as a Muelle Centinela Osmosis system upgrade, it represents an improvement in light of the current desalination systems.

•The Mounting operations considered the withdrawal of old systems of 18”, under these dimensions, a plan of dismounting and mounting without the use of major machinery and posterior structure building under a pre-assembled mode to be able to work on a reduced space was generated, it contemplated piping in Duplex 2205 material and work under pressures of 800 to 1200 psi. With twelve pressure tubes considering 7 membranes each.

Engineering Phases:
  • Prefeasibility
  • Feasibility
  • Desing
  • Procurement
  • Construction & Installation
  • Pre-comissioning
  • Comissioning
  • Start-up
  • Operation Service
  • Maintenance Service
  • Transfer



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