EB2 Coastal Band Screens

Client: SUEZ
Delivery Date: August 2017
Location: Panama

•Dismounting and withdrawal of 2 existent screens, in pits of 7 meters depth and 1,50 meters length approximately. The complexity of this work fundamentally consisted on the work in confined space with stucked structures through the wastewater flow and solids during some years, without cleaning the screen at any moment.

•Mounting of 2 new automatic screens supplied by the client, electric, mechanic installation and start-up.

•Because it was not feasable to deviate the flow, the works were done in succesive form, first removal, mounting and start-up in one line and then the other.

•The work was successfully executed in 12 days by the Eathisa Panama personnel.

Engineering Phases:
  • Prefeasibility
  • Feasibility
  • Desing
  • Procurement
  • Construction & Installation
  • Pre-comissioning
  • Comissioning
  • Start-up
  • Operation Service
  • Maintenance Service
  • Transfer



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