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  • El Mercurio Chile Newspaper Report

    Chilean engineering and manufacturing for the world.

    Subsidiary of the Eathisa group, the company has over 20 years of experience developing water and liquids treatment plants.

    In the photo, wastewater treatment plant, Quitumbe, Ecuador.

    TecnoRecursos is a company that is in constant international expansion, through its related companies, that today are present in 19 countries.
    The core of our business is the design development and engineering, equipment manufacturing, mounting and construction, and development of services in the area of water and liquids treatment for use and reuse”, highlights Daniel Romero, general manager of TecnoRecursos, a subsidiary company from the Eathisa Group (eathisa.com).
    Since 1998 the company builds treatment plants and manufactures equipment in Chile to supply the industry, especially the mining business.
    “We can offer our own engineering and technology for projects development and manufacture of equipment for the national and international market with high quality standards.
    We have an active ISO 9001 certification and we are in the process of obtaining the ISO 14001″, highlights the executive.
    He adds that “these high standards have allowed us to successfully do projects, of different sizes both in Chile and outside”, he says.

    In Chile, Bangladesh and others

    Lets see some of the projects developed by TecnoRecursos:

    • Industrial liquid wastes treatment system for complete reuse of the water (Zero Leak), Ominia Fertilizer, South Africa. It is a treatment of various stages that manages a complete reuse of the industrial liquid wastes.
    • Wastewater treatment plant for Cementos Argos, Panama. The project designed and manufactured completely in Chile, included engineering, design, manufacture, supply, installation and start-up of the plant.
    • Industrial wastewater treatment plant for the company Concretos Holcim, Colombia.
    • Waste water treatment plant, Quitumbe, Ecuador. This project was also designed and manufactured completely in Chile, including engineering, design, manufacture, mounting and start-up of the plant and its main equipment.
    • EPC potable, waste, and industrial waste treatment plant of Rajo Sur, Codelco, Chile. This project supplies and treats 100% of the liquid wastes of the civic neighborhood and track shop of Rajo Sur.

    • Potable water treatment plant Parana, – las Palmas, Argentina. Production of 10,5 m3/hr. With with chilean design and manufacturing, TecnoRecursos developed the engineering and did the electromechanic mountings.
    • Pretreatment plant, Refinery Bosicor, Pakistan. With a production of 300 m3/hr this reverse osmosis plant has a pretreatment of flotation through dissolved air. The equipment that constitute the solution were designed and manufactured completely in Chile to be sent afterwards, mounted and with start-up in the Bosicor Refinery.
    • Pretreatment plant for Sugar Mills, Sugar and Food Industries Corporation in Bangladesh. With a capacity of 150 m3/hr, this project consisted in the treatment of water for the feeding of industrial processes through a physical-chemical process, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.
    • Potable water treatment plant, Division El Salvador, Codelco, Chile. This reverse osmosis plant, of chilean manufacturing, supplies with potable water the Potrerillos camp.
    • Pumping stations and wastewater primary treatment system Interceptor Norte of Lima, Peru. 16 m3/ser flow treated.